O2 has announced a new recruitment drive that will see sales ‘Gurus’ established in every one of its stores nationwide, specialising in advancing the company’s O2 Money services.

The leading British mobile phone operator is planning to recruit 250 Gurus, more than doubling its current team of 150 that work in select stores across the country.

The company’s new business development director, Tim Sefton, said they were undertaking a sales recruitment process that would allow them to find the best possible candidates to further enhance the company’s services and reputation.

“We are going to make sure we have a Guru in pretty much every store in the country,” he said. “People talk about the difference being in the software, but our people are our software.”

The company is also looking to hire 14 new members of staff for its near field technology (NFC) team. NFC is the highly-anticipated new technology that will allow people to make payments using their mobile phones – which is expected to be the technological superstar development of 2011.

Sefton said that if people were going to be walking out of their shops with purchases of more than £500, then the company wanted to make sure that their customers are able to select on the back of the best possible advice and knowledge.

Geoff Newman, chief executive of web recruitment agency Recruitment Genius said “this is excellent news, not just for customers who are going to notice a differentiated and improved service, but also staff who will be recruited and up-skilled”

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