Recruitment agencies and unemployed individuals across the UK will welcome news of a new bill that is set to increase the number of employment opportunities available. The government’s Growth and Infrastructure Bill has been developed to reduce confusing and overlapping business requirements and paperwork, opening up the area to investment and growth.

There are a vast number of policies at work in Britain that hinder business growth by the hefty requirements that they put in place. Many pieces of red tape make it difficult for businesses to make investments and, with so many resources having to be put into paperwork, a lot of companies simply do not bother. The government, however, is set to challenge this, with the planning minister, Nick Boles, explaining that investment options for businesses must be made easier if the country is to compete with nations such as China and Brazil.

Talking about the new bill, Mr Boles said: “The Growth and Infrastructure Bill will boost investment and local economic growth. It removes confusing and overlapping red tape, whilst ensuring democratic checks and balances and environmental safeguards remain in place.” The new scheme comes after the government also revealed that up to £160m was to be invested into the gas infrastructure, helping this energy sector to grow and create new employment opportunities.

News of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill will be welcomed by those who are desperate to see new jobs on the market. If investment is made easier, business growth and resulting employment is set to grow.

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