A housing project that has been subject to years of delay has finally been given the green light. Over the next two decades the project will see the construction of 22,600 homes, creating 60,000 jobs in the process. The site next to Bluewater Shopping Centre will finally see thousands of homes being built, with locals in and around the area able to take advantage of the employment opportunities.

The Bluewater housing project has been delayed several times over the past few years because of arguments about costs and the need for local transport infrastructure to be improved; however, the go ahead has finally be announced, allowing thousand of new homes to be built and jobs to be created.

Grant Shapps, housing minister, revealed that he was happy now that the construction of badly needed new homes could start. “So I’m delighted that we’re finally taking steps forward to get builders on site and work finally started. This historic deal offers a double benefit to the local area, a commitment to improve the road network but also to deliver over 22,600 properties over the next 20 years – with the first homes set to be completed in little over a year from now,” he said.

For people wanting employment, as well as local recruitment agencies, the news will offer the hope that many jobs will be created over the coming months. With construction taking place over the next 20 years, job opportunities in the area are likely to prosper for many years to come.

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