When it comes to recruiting staff, times have changed and social media is now becoming a leading way to find talent to fill positions at your company. As with any relatively new way of doing things, a number of myths have sprung up so here is the truth behind some of the myths when it comes to recruitment drives on Facebook:

Facebook is not for professionals

There is a belief that Facebook is only for people and their personal lives, and while it is more personal than a professional site like LinkedIn, Facebook is evolving to become a place where people are aware that the world is watching.

Facebook is too large

One of the myths that sprung up regarding Facebook is that there are too many people using it for it to be effective as a recruiting tool.  When you stop to think about this seriously for a moment, it is clear that it is a ridiculous statement.  How can having a large pool of people to choose from be a bad thing?

Facebook is on the way out

Year on year, Facebook keeps growing and there is absolutely no sign of that stopping any time soon.  Facebook keeps changing to keep up with the demands of the people who use it and while some people might wish that it would die out sooner rather than later, there is absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever. Facebook is here to stay, at least for the near future.

Source http://fistfuloftalent.com/2012/02/3-myths-recruiting-on-facebook-haters-love-to-argue.html

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