Having rapidly changed the way in which the world communicates in recent years, it was only a matter of time before smartphones started having a marked effect on the way the recruitment process is carried out.

A leading recruitment expert has predicted that the hand-held devices will have an inevitable effect on how recruiters, employers and jobseekers interact, especially as they come to realise just how user-friendly they are.

Veteran recruitment expert, Paul Daley, said, “The proliferation of the availability of the internet will drive more businesses to advertise vacancies online.”

He said that the ready availability of internet access to people in almost any location, will allow people to make applications quickly and on the move. This will likely bring down the life cycle of the recruitment process and, Mr Daley predicted, potentially make it more enjoyable.

“It’s much more user-friendly than having to actually actively sit down at a desktop to look for a job,” he said.

Mr Daley added that the change would be gradual, however, as smartphones did not yet have the comprehensive coverage to make the change in the process absolute and universal just year. The accessibility of cheaper tariffs and deals on the phones, however, would likely speed it up, according to Mr Daley.

However Geoff Newman, chief executive of online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius questions whether it is more user-friendly. “Some people who view jobs on their phone have to squint at a small screen from the privacy of the toilets during working hours. Evidence suggests they are already viewing jobs on office computers during office hours. If they are not afraid of getting caught at the moment I don’t see it will change anytime soon.”

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