Social media sites are everywhere, and not all have been created equally.  While some, such as Facebook and Twitter, are well known, many are available that have a smaller user base but which can yield high volumes of talent in niche markets, so should you be investigating them further in a bid to find staff?  Here are three things to take in to consideration:

1. Are people using it? It is all very well targeting a niche market or social platform that has considerably less users than the more well-known ones but there needs to be enough people using it to make it work.  If the niche market you are investigating has a low number of users or if the market is significantly different from the one you are looking to recruit in, move on.

2. Is the site getting more popular? If a site is showing a downward trend in terms of growth, chances are good it is not worth investing your time trying to set up a profile that will attract people to your company.  If, on the other hand, the site is showing great potential, getting in as it takes off can be a huge benefit.

3. Is it active? Social networking sites are not just about the numbers, the users need to be active to make it worth spending your time mining it for talent.  If people are not coming back to the site to update their profiles or check their messages then they are not going to be responsive.

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