When a company has reached the final stage of the recruitment selection process and decided upon whom they would like to hire, the next thing that they need to make sure they get right is the job offer.  There are many ways that this can be done nowadays, by phone, email or letter, but the terms and conditions should always be sent in hard copy form by letter and contain everything that is relevant to the job.

Within this notification, an employer should also state whether the job offer is conditional on any other factors, such as the outcome of reference checks or if it is an unconditional offer depending on if reference checks or any other relevant checks have been completed.

Once the employee accepts an unconditional offer then there is a contract of employment in place between the two.  Making an offer is an important part of the process.  It is the chance for the employer to make sure that they have the job defined as completely as they need it to be and it is the final chance for the employee to change his or her mind.  Make sure that the offer is as comprehensive as possible.  The temptation might be at this stage simply to say ‘you’ve got the job’ but this should be resisted, as you will want your employee as well informed as possible as to what is expected of them.

A starting date can be given at this point or arrangements made with the new employee depending on his or her notice requirements.

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