A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that London is one of the best cities in the world for employment opportunities. Even though the world is noting economic challenges, London has kept economic output high and continues to see prospering business.

Recruitment agencies and those wanting to find work will look at the new data with interest, with London showing that, despite problems, it continues to take its place on the global employment stage. The economy has been troubling for many great cities around the world, but the newest data shows that London continues to thrive. With a strong infrastructure allowing for future growth, PwC said that the British capital has “great cultural vibrancy, intellectual capital and innovation.”

One of PwC’s partners, David Snell, expressed that London had enjoyed an extraordinary year thanks to a number of historic occasions. Mr Snell said that there was no doubt that the capital continues to lead global finances and is an easy place to conduct business, adding: “But it is not just a city for financial services. London excels in cultural areas too, as we saw in this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, which really shone a light on what we do so well here in infrastructure and the cultural life of our city.”

With many people looking for work, news that companies are starting to renew their interest in employment is a positive message. With London proving that it can survive even a double dip recession, the capital will be a huge lure for those wanting work opportunities.

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