After interviewing for a job, it is important for a company to inform those applicants who have not been successful in a timely and polite fashion.  Failure to do so can harm a company’s image so when it comes to letting applicants know that they have not been offered the job, it is important to take the time to do it right.

Rejection is never nice for anyone to hear but if a company lets a candidate know they are not being hired in manner that is respectful it means that a candidate will be more likely to reapply to your firm should any further vacancies arise.  If you do not inform them then it only means you have probably lost that person forever.

As one recruitment expert said: “It is important that employers not lose sight of communication with candidates, which is so necessary, particularly in our current economic environment. While employers are facing many challenges in the recruitment process, they must remember that candidates are facing a unique set of challenges as well.  By facilitating candidates’ job search process, employers are not only making the process less cumbersome for the people applying for their jobs but also building a strong reputation and a culture of respect.”

Rejection letters can be sent by post or by email.  In today’s world people do not mind how they are contacted, what they take issue with is being forgotten about all together.

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