Finding talent can sometimes be a tricky business so when you come across a person who you think would be a perfect fit for your company but find that they are not ready to leave their current place of employment, it can become frustrating.  However, one of the keys to successful recruiting is making sure that the timing is right for all parties involved. There can be many reasons why a person is not ready to move workplaces, such as they are not able to for family reasons or that they feel the position on offer is not exactly what they are looking for.

It is important to keep engaged with these candidates for a number of reasons.  When they do decide it is time to make a move, if you have engaged with them in a friendly manner since you were first introduced, it will be your company they think about first. Stay in touch via social networking sites that offer a chance to be connected without it being a pressured environment.  Next, make sure that they are included on any email bulletins you send out regarding new recruitment positions that have arisen at your company.  It is a subtle reminder that you exist as well as a way of letting them know exactly what is available at your company.

Do not let talent get away just because the timing is not right.

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