When it comes to trying to find the right person for a job, employers are often quick to dismiss an applicant because of a mistake or typo in the person’s CV.  However, recent research by an online recruitment company has shown that this is a two-way street with applicants shying away from companies that have errors in their job listings.

Twenty-three per cent of people who responded to the survey, which was run by one of the top online recruitment companies, said that they found themselves shocked by how many errors and typing mistakes they encountered when looking for jobs.  An amazing 75 per cent said that when they saw jargon and other such confusing language in a job title, it put them off from applying.

Two-thousand people took part in the survey, which revealed that some fundamental errors were being made by employers in a bid to find employees such as spelling simple words like ‘sales’ incorrectly or being unable to spell the job title correctly in the case of the company who advertised for a ‘Sioux’ chef.

To make sure that your company does not run in to these problems, which are not only detrimental to the quality of candidate you can attract but also to the overall image of your brand or company, take some extra time and have a few people check your recruitment advertisements for mistakes.  Time spent before it goes live will save much embarrassment later.

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