The government has revealed a new tax regime is to be targeted towards the shale gas industry, helping the energy niche to expand and create employment opportunities. Whilst still in an early developmental stage, the shale gas industry has the possibility to become a major supplier of energy for the UK with ministers paving the way for the sector to grow to its full potential.

Energy remains a top priority in the UK, with the government wanting to ensure that there is enough power for the future. As such, a lot of effort is being put into the renewable energy sector and the shale gas industry. This is resulting in many new employment opportunities for both the unemployed and recruitment agencies to take advantage of.

Talking of the new incentive, Chancellor George Osborne said that the tax regime had been carefully developed to aid the shale gas industry as much as possible. An official statement from the Treasury revealed: “The use of field allowances to encourage investment in the North Sea has demonstrated the effectiveness of a targeted tax regime in stimulating investment and production that would not otherwise have gone ahead.”

The energy sector is set to continue offering a lot of employment opportunities for those living in Britain, with it being vital that the market grows and prospers to provide enough energy security for the UK’s future. With the latest steps helping pave the way for gas industry expansion, many new jobs are set to be created in the process.

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