Despite a host of online articles detailing the death of the job board and the alleged lower standard of candidates from job boards, recruitment agencies are still finding that job boards are offering one of the best ways to source and find talent to fill vacancies.

Recent research has shown that when it comes to filling positions, job boards are second only to referrals as the top way of finding the ideal candidate, representing just over 20 per cent of the market.  Social media, which has been grabbing many of the headlines, makes an entry on to the list for the first time in seventh place with 3.5 per cent of positions being filled this way.  Job boards have shown themselves to continue to be more than twice as effective at helping companies fill a spot within their firm compared to the next on the list, which are career sites with 9.8 per cent.

Social media is expected to gain a larger share of the action, with more and more companies turning to platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to search for talent to fill their vacancies.  However, the fact remains that social media has quite some distance to go to catch up on job boards.

With just over one in five jobs being filled via job boards, it will be some time before the predicted ‘death of job boards’ is an actual reality, if that day ever even comes.


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