It has been revealed in the latest figures from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) that increasing vacancies in the IT field have bolstered the job market. Releasing information on the latest employment details for July, the REC said that positions continued to rise last month, though at the smallest rate for six months.

Broken down into categories, it was shown that the medical, engineering and construction industries were noting most employment, with computing staff demand outstripping the majority of other categories. Whilst hourly pay rates for short-term workers dropped slightly, there was good news for permanent employees, with average starting salaries noting a modest July increase.

Kevin Green, the chief executive of the REC, said: “Employers are still hiring and the number of vacancies has grown, but fragile confidence means they are taking longer to make decisions about appointments and the whole process of recruiting is slowing down. On a positive note, there are some sectors that are defying this month’s decline and continuing to experience significant demand for staff, most notably engineering, computing and healthcare”.

Within the computing sector, demand was particularly noted for IT architects, project managers, digital marketing and infrastructure specialists, in addition to those with skills relating to PHP, SAP and .NET technologies. This will be important for recruitment agencies to take note of, with agents being able to look forward to placing an increased number of IT staff over the coming few months.

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