Experts in the IT industry have shown a number of changing trends that recruitment agencies and contractors will need to be aware of if they are to continue finding success in placing techies. Whilst the overall market shows growing demand for IT workers, two particular areas are noting substantial rises in popularity.

Online IT specialist Kjetil Olsen said that the overall demand for IT workers has grown by 14% in 2012 already. This shows that companies are increasingly requiring the skills of experienced IT workers. “Companies are continuing to seek developers that can create mobile apps and that are skilled in working with mobile networks and data,” Mr Olsen said, adding that mobile marketing and mcommerce are driving certain areas within the sector.

Talking of two particular technologies that are noting growth, technology expert Matt Barrie said that HTML5 and iQuery knowledge was often required from IT employees. These two programs are superseding traditional products by Adobe and Microsoft, meaning that it is important for workers to continue learning new skills if they want to keep finding appropriate employment.

Mr Barrie also said that mobile platform development was increasing, with roles for iPhone employees rising by 30% and those for Android growing by 20% this year. This means that both workers and recruiters will need to keep their eyes on the ball regarding the requirements of companies, ensuring that they have the right skills and staff to place in suitable vacancies when they appear.

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