When it comes to recruitment and interviewing candidates for a job, asking the right questions is very important.  However, some other ‘tricks’ can be very revealing about the person in front of you.  Here are a few ideas that could help you make sure you find the right person for your company:

The Awkward Pause
Leaving a pause between questions might seem uncomfortable but it is a great way to get the candidate talking and offering revealing information.

The Last Boss
Asking the candidate questions about their last boss, including how to spell their name, is a way of getting the person in to a truth-telling mode.  Do this at the start of the interview for the best results.

The Half Question
Reports show that only asking candidates part of a question, such as enquiring about a time when faced with a difficult situation but not how they resolved it, will give you insight in to their problem solving ability depending on how they answer.

The Pronoun Rank
Depending on the pronouns a candidate chooses to use, you can determine their likely performance rate.  People that answer in the first person are 60 per cent more likely to be high performers.

The Adverb
Low performers are 40 per cent more likely to use adverbs than high performers and they are more likely to use negative emotions in their answers.

The Tense
High performers are more likely to use past tense than their lower performing colleagues are.

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