The Monster Employment Index UK has shown that online recruitment has increased in recent months, with particularly strong showings from the construction and manufacturing sectors.

The Index has found that web recruitment demand from companies within the UK increased by nine per cent in February, from January’s figure, and now stands at its highest level since the end of 2008, before the recession.

A fall in demand from public sector agencies, due to Government cut backs, was countered by increases in online job advertisements from transport, post and logistics firms.

A spokeswoman for Monster, Isabelle Ratinaud, said the new highpoint that had been achieved in February was a milestone for industries in the UK, and presented a positive view for people looking for jobs.

“Many sectors that were said to be struggling, such as construction, have shown a strong recovery this month, while others, particularly those relating to manufacturing, have performed well, partly due to growing trade in the export sector,” she said.

“The figures are positive for jobseekers who can feel confident that there are an increasing number of roles available.”

Geoff Newman, chief executive of online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius believes a lot of surveys are showing renewed confidence. However he did highlight “There are still high levels of unemployment resulting in lots of competition so always ensure you have relevant skills and make sure your applications is professional and thorough.”

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