Google Plus offers employers an expansive platform on which to reach out to potential employees.  Constantly growing and being compared to both Twitter and Facebook, and likened to a hybrid of the two, it has over 170 million profiles and rising.  Here are some tips to get the best from your page.

1. Use header images to make an impact.  This is a great chance for you to get the brand of your company across to potential new employees, so use it well.

2. Use circles wisely.  Circles are there to help you keep people grouped in ways that they can be easily managed as well as letting you talk to whole sections of people at once.  Posts can be pushed to people in your circles without them having to follow you so it is great way of reaching a new audience.

3. Publish links on Google Plus. If you company has a blog then you can publish links to it on Google Plus and reach millions of potential employees.  It is a great way to boost your readership, expose people to your brand, and interact with readers.

4. Recommend links.  Here you can send people to the links you feel are important and informative. This could be to a new job post or information about your company, the choice is yours.

5. Host hangouts. Hangouts allow people to talk in real time and it is a perfect chance to discuss job opportunities and recruitment, and to get to know any potential employees and see how they interact with others online.

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