According to a statement made by Norman Lamb, the employment relations minister, HR departments should play a vital role within companies to help modernise the British workplace and help support the government and its plans to improve employee relations.

Mr Lamb, speaking this week at the opening of the CIPD Employment Law conference, said: “We want to see a wider change in the employment relations culture in the UK. A culture that establishes dialogue rather than conflict as the norm; that trusts people to do the right thing rather than rely on legislation to deal with every single issue that arises; and that ensures that businesses have the confidence to hire the talented, committed workforce they need to thrive.”

HR is a vital part of a company when it comes to recruitment but Lamb was at pains to point out that legislation was not always the answer to solving problems.  He also outlined that the number of employment law changes, which are due to come in to effect in the near future, should help simplify processes for one of the most vital parts of the company.

The deputy director of domestic labour law at the department for Business Innovation and Skills, Carl Creswell, added that the government was looking in to a ‘guideline tariff’, which should help employers when it comes to tribunals and knowing how much to offer employees.  The government is also seeking to target EU rules on collective redundancy consultation periods, which it sees as ‘burdensome’.


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