The current economic condition has worsened the situation when it comes to thwarted individual ambitions, as nowadays firms and businesses are cutting off promotions due to unreasonable economic conditions. It is the duty of the employer to make sure that the frustration and attitude of the employees does not affect their overall performance as well. Every single step should be taken to ensure that employees are motivated to work hard.

1. An employer can help his employees in realigning their thwarted ambitions by understanding their personal loss and communicating with them in a way that they feel motivated to work and achieve their long term goals. It can be beneficial for a business if an employer gives more responsibility to the senior employees instead of employing someone new for the role.

2. To make your high flyers feel more valued and competitive, involve them in the company’s existing challenges and provide opportunities for them to work on important issues involving different departments and individuals, so that they are able to learn more and bring their own perspective in to resolve the issues. This is a nice way of developing their interpersonal skills and consoling their thwarted ambitions.

3. When an organisation is unable to reward employees for their hard work in the form of promotions and salary increase, it can reward them in other ways. For example, if an employee worked late in the office for some reason he or she could be granted a day leave to reward their hard work. This way, an employee would be motivated to work more skilfully in the future as well.

4. Many individuals feel pressured and overlooked if they are not promoted within an organisation, but it is the employer’s duty to make sure that an individual doesn’t bring team friction, and help such an individual to understand what their current role is and that if it isn’t a promotion then why it is better from their previous role.

5. It is necessary to communicate with your employees to let them know what is happening and share information with them openly and discuss issues and challenges facing the business, and regard their opinions as well, as they are the ones who have faced pay cuts and demotions to be a part of your organisation.

6. When the right time comes for a pay rise or promotion for employees who have waited a long time, the employer should support them in every way possible. They should help them to set their new targets and goals and future expectations while working in a certain job role.

7. When employees are promoted, opportunities for businesses expand as well because the more input in an organisation, the more outcome should be produced. But still, if an organisation has no space or an employer does not want to promote employees, make sure that the employees don’t feel under-valued and unwanted. They should be fully charged up to perform well in an organisation.

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