Online recruitment, or e-recruitment, is a recruiting paradigm meant to manage many candidates andmaximize the various recruitment strategies. Popular e-recruitment solutions, such as e-Recruitment by Halogen Software, do this by harnessing andunifying the Internet, database software, and other technology.

The e-recruitment approach allows a business to filter a large array of applications and arrive at viablecandidates in a much faster and more efficient manner. Due to automation in the e-recruitmentapproach, a company is able to reap at least five substantial business gains right away:

  • Lower Costs
  • Faster recruitment
  • Successful hires
  • Great talent pool
  • Improved experience for hirers and candidates

Let’s look at these items in further detail:

Lower Costs
When a company uses an e-recruitment strategy, it is able to do away with a wide range of costs for thebusiness and the candidates: in-person travel, mail, internal tracking, and listing fees. The softwareplatform runs directly on the company’s website. The only significant expense is the software itself andthe setup and customization.

Faster Recruitment
Targeting the right talent is often a difficult process, but with e-recruitment software, the process isquick and simple. Most qualified candidates are already in the database, so finding the right talent issimply matter of running the appropriate résumé query. The process becomes ever faster and moreefficient as it becomes further linked to social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Successful Hires
The biggest risk with recruitment is that the company puts the time and money into a process thatresults in a poor higher. The conventional system is imperfect and has a lot of room for error. Withrecruitment management software, on the other hand, every aspect of the system is efficient andrefined. Job openings are disseminated online fast and properly targeted, and this results in hiring theright person for the job.

Greater Talent Pool
Using the conventional approach, the talent pool a company has at its disposal is limited by a number offactors. E-recruitment uses the Internet. The Internet has an audience that is practically unlimited, and itis able to overcome most of the conventional limitations, such as travel and advertising.

Improved Experience
The value of an improved experience cannot be overlooked. If the hirers are able to do their job moreproductively and with less resistance, it has exponential learn term benefits to the company. Animproved experience for the candidate helps the business land the right candidate. It also improvesword of mouth concerning the company, which has many benefits that are important but tough toquantify.

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