Recruitment agencies have been hearkening back to tested wisdom in recent times. One common complaint from current hiring managers is that quality issues aren’t always handled at the beginning of the process. Fortunately, many agencies have been realising steps need to be taken at the beginning, and are seeing far better results.

There are a lot of advantages to carefully managing the entire process from beginning to end. This was common during the 1980’s, when many industries saw a major surge in growth. The overall candidate quality was maximised to its fullest. The costs were also drastically decreased. With cost-saving strategies being in demand, this is a process that hiring staff need to consider.

In today’s faster-paced business world, better methods are needed. This is why some many recruiters are returning to the quality model. The rise of social media and other new technology has made it easier than ever to find potential candidates for all sorts of positions. Yet, it is also necessary to make the distinction between good and bad candidates. Using the latest technology, combined with the quality model, is one way to do this.

There are several things that many of the top recruiting firms are already doing to bring about better results. One is to have a strategy in place for hiring before the process begins, especially if the demand is higher than the supply of good candidates. Another winning method is to emphasise the benefits of the position, over working for the company itself.

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