After what was described as a rise in employment opportunities over recent months within the UK, it has been revealed that experts expect British companies hiring to slow over the next few months in many sectors with perhaps only the leisure and hospitality industry continuing to see growth with the start of the Olympics.

Recruitment agencies had been reporting a rise in vacancies, however research by one of the leading companies in the sector has shown that growth for permanent places slowed during the month of May, demonstrating that the recent fall in unemployment may not last as long as had been hoped.

Speaking about the results, a spokesperson for the company said, “When you’re going head to head with a return to recession at home and a burgeoning euro zone crisis, by rights the jobs market should be in free fall – but that’s not what we’re seeing. Firms are still looking to hire, albeit at a weaker pace than before.” Another industry expert added, “Clearly the economic backdrop and the euro zone crisis are making some employers think twice before taking on new staff.”

With the UK’s economy falling back in to recession at the start of the year, the outlook for people seeking employment seems as if it could remain tough for the foreseeable future.  Certain sectors, however, such as financial services, are expecting to have strong hiring intentions over the next two quarters.

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