There are a number of organisations that hire fresh university graduates for either paid or unpaid internships in order to take advantage of them, and so that in return these graduates can explore their skills and abilities. Most of these jobs are temporary because the organisations are not able to recruit all of these graduates to permanent positions due to their limited budget.

If the employer hires the graduates mindfully, they can use them in a number of projects in a limited time period. And if a graduate shows his abilities and skills to the fullest extent that is beneficial to the organisation, then the graduate can be offered a permanent position.

While advertising the available job, the employer must specify the tasks to accomplish and kind of projects that the graduates would be working on. It is the duty of the employer to encourage graduates to have a constant attitude of learning so that they benefit their organisation.

The organisations should follow these specific steps in order to attract the very best graduates to be part of their team.

1. Keep a track of what you are offering and what you are getting. The time period for graduate internships ranges from 3-6 months. An organisation can take the most out of these graduates in this time period to benefit the organisation in the future. It is a process of give and take, that is, you offer the employee an opportunity to build their profile and experience a working environment, and in return you take advantage of their skills and abilities.

2. The organisations must be creative while offering employment opportunities in order to acquire the best. Don’t try to market your organisation, try to market the job by describing the available role and what skills and abilities are required. Instead of looking at CVs and application forms, try to get the best out of interviews. Ask questions that require detailed answers to get an insight into their thought process.

3. Try to structure the internship. Use your intern in the best way possible by giving them key tasks, like investigation tasks, IT updates, improvements that they can apply to the key tasks, management of things such as absence sheets or time management, analysis of cost and benefits of a specific project, communication skills and many more.

4. It must be ensured that the graduates work with those individuals who would benefit most after the project ends. Try to focus on the outcome of the project. Adjust the graduates in the projects that are valuable for the organisation in the future.

5. A good communication throughout the company’s staff is required. Involve everyone in the new process of working with the graduates.

6. The internship programme is for a specific limited time period and the graduate as well as the employee both want to achieve the best result possible. Therefore an employer must be a good leader, leading interns and giving them responsibilities to accomplish.

7. The organisation must evaluate what benefits they are gaining from hiring the graduates and which of these have an impact on the permanent staff. Some of these graduates can be offered a permanent position if they are benefiting the organisation in an extraordinary way.

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