When it comes to interviewing and selecting the right candidate, it is important that you view each candidate equally and give them all your full attention. One employment expert highlighted that you are not just speaking to a single person but rather you are making an impression that could be shared with friends and family.

The expert explained: “If you’re holding an interview and then you’re looking at your smartphone … what you are saying to the candidate implicitly is that your interests are less important than my interests. This thing on my phone is far more important than anything you’re telling me.”  The candidate will then be inclined to leave and speak negatively about his or her experiences, which could reflect badly on your company image.

Even if the person is not likely to be offered the position, you should still strive to send them away feeling good about themselves and that they have not just wasted some of their valuable time.  The expert added that paying attention to all candidates is important because “It’s a signal that you’re here. I’m respecting your time.  I’m going to give you my undivided attention.”

Making potential employees feel valuable at every stage of the recruitment process will benefit your company in the long term, from satisfied employees to positive word of mouth, which is extremely important in this modern age of social media where one comment can be amplified and received by thousands of people.

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