Twitter is the latest trend in popular social media sites and with more and more people signing up to see what all the fuss is about, companies are discovering how they can get the most out of a Twitter account to help them promote their business and assist in recruitment drives.

Steve Bose, an HR tech expert as well as blogger and tweeter, had this to say on his blog, “Twitter is fast becoming an important resource for recruiters, particularly those recruiting in technical and graphical design fields. After about a month or 100 updates (Tweets), the student starts to ‘get it’. It becomes obvious the value of these conversations and connections, and many become firmly entrenched in the fabric of their Twitter community.”

There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to being able to gain a good following on Twitter and, like many other social media sites, people who use Twitter are quick to move away from people who clog up their timeline with a lot of irrelevant tweets.  Make sure that you only tweet when you have something interesting to say and that you are projecting the image of your company as an attractive place to work.  Make your tweets interesting and informative, and if you can do that with a twist of humour as well then even better.

Twitter is the perfect platform for other people to spread the word about your company if you get it right, but bad news spreads just as quickly as good so be careful.

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