If you have not heard about companies using Twitter to recruit employees and find new talent then it is only a matter of time before you do.  It has become the latest and most fashionable way to find potential people to add something different to your company.

Before you just dive in and start contacting everyone and anyone on the micro blogging site in a bid to find the best talent, here are a few tips that should help you with your goal:

With over 127 million people on Twitter, know that not everyone you come across is going to have something to offer your company.  Research has shown that 59 per cent of Twitter users are female and 58 per cent are over 35 years old.  Knowing who is using Twitter will help you identify if it is the right medium for your company to use when it comes to talent acquisition.

Twitter offers companies a unique opportunity to interact with potential employees in ways never before offered but make sure that you stay true to your brand.  Make your Twitter page tie in with your website and company image and remember the golden rule of social media: if you would not want your grandmother reading it, do not post it!

Learn the art of tweeting to best get your message across in 140 characters.  Find out what works and what does not by speaking to experts and getting advice.  A bad tweet can be just as impactful as a great one.

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