In recent weeks, the car industry has announced what amounts to millions of pounds of investment and as such, the sector is expected to be rich with new recruitment opportunities.  When considered that the auto sector in Britain is one of the most diverse industries offering a range of jobs, it could offer hope to the thousands of people struggling to find work.

Nissan has just announced a £912 million investment in its plant located in Sunderland and it has launched a major recruitment plan as it aims to hire 600 new workers with a further 2,000 plus when the car giant begins production of two new cars in the North East.  Toyota will be creating 500 new jobs at its Gorsinon plant that has recently opened in Swansea, while quite a number of other smaller firms are opening shops across the country and looking to hire.

With the job market stretched, there has never been a better time to consider a change of career and with most jobs accessible to people with internet access, the only thing standing in your way is any pre-conceived notions you might have about the industry.  Jobs are available from finance, sales, administration to the more mechanical side of the industry and opportunities exist for people of all ages and skill set.

Speaking about working in the industry, one worker said: “It’s a really exciting time to be a part of this industry. There’s a really positive feeling in the air about the future. Being an engineer in this environment couldn’t be more perfect.”


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