Companies looking to recruit new personnel are being advised to make the full employment package clear to potential employees, some of whom put tremendous importance on the added benefits that come with a job.

Senior employment consultant, Matt Duffy, said that, in uncertain economic times, employees are looking for all the security they can get with a job – and that does not just mean a decent rate of pay. Pensions, health benefits and less common bonuses such as discounted gym memberships, are increasingly important priorities for workers, Mr Duffy explained.

“[Employers] need to communicate the total reward when they are making an offer to a candidate,” Mr Duffy explained. “It’s not just about how much the basic salary is – it is shouting about all these other great thing that they do.”

Also growing in importance for new recruits to companies are opportunities for flexible working hours and the chance to be able to trade and purchase extra annual leave entitlements.

Research has shown that offering such benefits during the recruitment process creates a more engaged and enthusiastic staff. Researchers at the University of Minnesota recently found that companies that allow employees to change their hours and working locations see reduced turnover and greater staff loyalty.

However Geoff Newman from flat fee recruitment agency Recruitment Genius stresses the importance of a good basic salary.

“Particularly for many smaller businesses, offering benefits is not cost effective. However this does not matter too much at present as cash is so important during these austere times when inflation is reducing everyone’s buying power. Candidates are also concerned about job security, a higher basic salary certainly adds confidence, allowing companies to recruit the best staff.

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