A recent survey has shown that when it comes to finding reliable employment, it might still hold true that it is not what you know but rather who.  The poll, conducted by YouGov received 2,000 replies that indicated companies more readily hire friends of staff already employed by a company when they are looking to fill a vacancy.

A recruitment expert said of this fact, “Personal recommendations are very valuable for employers.  It can save a lot of time sifting through CVs and interviewing people who may not be right for the job. Plus there are no recruitment fees to pay, so it saves money.”

Some employers take this concept another step further and actually reward staff for recommending a friend.  One company, a car rental firm, rewards its staff with £1,000 for each person they recommend who is then hired by the firm, so it seems that it not only works for the person seeking a job but also for the person who makes the recommendation.

Speaking of the scheme at their firm, one employee said, “I had an amazing shopping trip as I referred all three friends within one month. The employee referral programme is successful because we know exactly the type of people that would be right.”

In a world that is becoming increasingly more competitive, every little helps, and in this case it seems that having a friend who can recognise your talents might just be as important as finding an employer who will do the same.

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