With job cuts becoming commonplace and job security seemingly a thing of the past, many people are considering career changes in order to find recruitment or finally to chase after the job they have always wanted.  Finding the right career to suit you may not always be as easy as it seems with many people simply falling in to whatever jobs are available.  Here are a few tips that might help as you decide upon your career path:

1. List your interests, hobbies, previous jobs, including any volunteer posts, and see if there is a common thread running through these.  Perhaps you want to change your path completely in which case this will give you an idea of what you have already done, where your interests lie, and what you should avoid.

2. Look at your previous jobs in more detail for the elements that you enjoyed.  Even if you want to change your career path completely, the elements of jobs that you have had in the past that you enjoyed could help point towards what you should choose to do in the future.

3. What skills do you have? Write them all out and think about what areas you might like to improve.

4. List the jobs that you would be best suited given the information that you have worked out in the steps above.  Do not worry if you not quite have all the qualifications you might need, identifying the path you would like to take is the first step.

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