A leading recruitment guru has predicted that the future of the recruitment process will see a dramatic increase in delegation of duties to recruitment process outsourcing organisations (RPOs).

Kevin Wheeler, the US-based founder and president of The Future of Talent Institute, was asked for his opinions on what the industry landscape will look like in ten years’ time by Recruiter magazine.

He said that as business processes become more streamlined and less worker intensive, so increasing numbers of dedicated, in-house recruitment departments will slowly be dissolved and their duties farmed out to external specialists.

Mr Wheeler explained that there would be a fundamental change of mindset about internal recruitment processes, with significant emphasis put on reaping the benefits available from social media.

“I would say that probably anywhere 70 and 90 per cent of what we would consider today to be positions that we would recruit for are going to be outsourced to be recruited by somebody else, or the work itself will be outsourced,” he explained.

“And internally there will be a small number of people who do social media management, who do branding campaign and focus on recruiting a very small umber of typically really highly skilled people that are hard to find.”

Mr Wheeler was interviewed at the TRU London 3 recruitment event that was held in London this week.

Geoff Newman from Recruitment Genius who is also attending TRU London is enjoying the success of recruitment outsourcing saying “As a key HR resource, Recruitment Genius have noticed a significant number of enquiries from internal recruiters looking to free themselves from the burden of resourcing.”

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