A new report has highlighted that there is currently a skills gap in the UK’s automotive sector, offering the chance for those with the right expertise to find bountiful new job prospects. Whilst the UK’s car manufacturing industry is noting significant growth, with a lot of new employment prospects being seen on the horizon, one factor that could hinder the industry is a lack of skills.

New data by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that a lack of new talent was hanging above the industry like a dark cloud. Whilst the automotive sector has been making positive progress over the past few months, particularly with new employment prospects coming by means of Honda, the troublesome lack of skills could hinder attempts at pushing the industry to its full potential.

Chief executive of the SMMT, Paul Everitt, explained that Britain’s automotive sector had increased resilience when compared with many other nations. “With unprecedented levels of investment committed to UK automotive in recent years, the future for our industry is bright. It is clear that domestic suppliers have the potential to benefit significantly from increasing output volumes, but they need the right mix of government support and private investment.” For the sector to succeed and continue to grow, however, more skills will be needed.

It is here that recruitment agencies can take the opportunity to help to connect companies with the right talent. With both parties wanting the industry to thrive, skilled individuals with expertise in the car industry could note increased demand in coming months.

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