Recruitment agencies that are looking at the trends between British regions and employment growth are set to be turning their attention towards the East Midlands after new figures were unveiled. The data from the Lloyds TSB regional Purchasing Managers’ Index showed that the East Midlands continued to note employment growth despite the recession, with the area becoming a hotspot for vacancies and career options.

Despite Britain having taken a tumble into a double dip recession this year, it seems that the East Midlands is still bucking the trend for employment figures. Throughout July the area continued to create new positions, with the private sector maintaining its job creation rates for the seventh consecutive month. In stark contrast, the North West was one of England’s three out of nine regions that saw falling workforce numbers between June and July. Meanwhile, overall performance for two-thirds of the nine regions was down, with London bucking the downward trend and showing strong growth.

Talking of the employment sector, David Oldfield, Lloyds TSB Commercial managing director, said: “with consumer disposable income and business profitability supported by falling cost inflation, we do expect the outlook to improve in the coming months”.

For recruitment agencies looking to find suitable positions for the workforce, looking to jobs in the East Midlands may offer great rewards and many placements. With the region continuing to buck the trend, it seems that workforce growth could continue for many future months.

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