The Centre for Policy Studies published a report a few years ago in which it was indicated that if the number of ex-army staff in the education system increased, it would help bring about more discipline, inspiration and leadership qualities in youths. It is suggested in the study that ex-army staff can have a very positive effect in creating an atmosphere of discipline within schools. Their personality and strong character would have a lasting effect in shaping the future education system, and they can act as role models for those pupils who have disciplinary problems.

The army itself offers job opportunities to ex-army staff in different fields, such as medicine, engineering, business marketing, education and many more. Ex-army men and women are considered loyal, trustworthy, disciplined and challenging, with good leadership qualities, an ability to work under pressure and a tendency accomplish goals.

  • People who quit the army or retire and then take up other civilian jobs are more civilised in their work ethics. Sometimes other people also benefit from their attitude towards work. They aim to accomplish the required task efficiently using the most accurate resources without taking risks.
  • They have an attitude that leads them to try difficult tasks first, as they see them as a challenge.
  • They are team players and work well in groups within organisations.
  • They have great decision-making abilities and good leadership qualities as well, which are beneficial traits for organisations.
  • They are capable of working under pressure. The strict routine of Army life enables them to maintain strength and focus even if they are facing a very difficult situation.
  • They are said to have good communication abilities, both in terms of talking with colleagues and with seniors.
  • The ex-army individuals are familiar with tough environments and working conditions.


  • Some ex-army staff are traumatized by their past injuries or sufferings and face psychological effects that badly affect their working abilities.
  • Sometimes the media portrays the stories of the ex-army individuals in such a way that employers feel horrified to hire them.
  • Ex-army staff seniors sometime face difficulties in adjusting to working conditions or working within groups as they are used to leading and making decisions.
  • They are trained and capable of multi-tasking and making crucial decisions, which may mean a 9 to 5 civilian working routine would be quite boring and unchallenging for them.
  • Their strong personality and character are sometimes regarded as more than required, and capable of producing negative effects.

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