According to new research, employees no longer believe in a ‘job for life’ and employers are being expected to improve employee benefits if they wish to retain their staff in their long term.  More than half of workers in the UK say that they expect to be employed with a new company sometime in the next five years.

The study, carried out by AAT, showed that most employees begin looking at recruitment for a new job after just 17 months with one company, while many workers do not just choose to change their jobs but also the industry sector in which they are employed.  Loyalty, as a result, seems to have reduced significantly, with only those companies that reward their employees significantly, and are constantly looking to improve both the working environment and the training opportunities available to the employee, seeing their efforts being rewarded.  It is reported that 30 per cent of employees are currently looking for ‘something better’ although 60 per cent of people who took part in the study said that they did not actually have a dream job that they were aiming for.

Chief executive for AAT, Jane Scott Paul, said, “Even in a tough jobs climate, people are always going to hold on to their ambitions and it’s clear the mindset has changed when it comes to trying to achieve those goals.

“It’s surprising that people are quite as willing to leave their current company, but the trend is very much moving away from a long-term commitment to a workplace and seems geared far more towards personal progression.”

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