When it comes to employee turnover there seems to be a common theory that high turnover within a company means that there is something wrong within the firm and that employees are not entirely happy with their position.  While this might be true in some instances, a high turnover of staff is not necessarily a bad thing and does not always mean that there is a problem.

In some companies, staff leave because they have outgrown the opportunities that are available for them in that place.  This does not mean that a company should move heaven and earth to keep the employees or try to offer ways to fulfil their employee’s ambition, it simply means that certain people need certain challenges and it is ok to let these staff go.

One of the best ways to determine why staff are leaving a company is to perform an exit interview.  Ask staff why they are leaving and, as they no longer feel like they have to ‘toe the company line’, you are likely to get an honest response.  If staff are leaving because they are not happy then this is something that will need to be addressed.  However, it is better to find out why staff are leaving that to simply wonder and let the problem escalate.

Staff leaving gives you the chance to bring in new people with fresh ideas so do not see it as a bad thing, see it as the chance to keep your company invigorated.

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