It’s not easy recruiting skilled candidates to fill positions but with the huge advances which are occurring across the internet, social media, mobile computing and other technology, those companies that are able to be creative about how they look for employees are the ones who are being rewarded and getting the edge on their competitors.

Those companies that have a strong employment brand tend to receive almost four times as many applications as other companies that are less well known.  Not only will a strong employment brand help a company stand out from the crowd but it can actually go some way to helping to retain employees, get more out of the HR budget, and ultimately save your company money.

If research is to be believed, two out of every three employees is constantly on the lookout for a new job.  Taking the time to develop a compelling brand campaign that will cement your place in the minds of potential employees could be the difference between that employee deciding to go after a job with your company or stay where they are.  The brand gives potential employees a taste of what it could be like to work for you.  Being clear and open about your company not only helps to attract new and talented employees but it also assists with the business of keeping your current employees happy, leading to less turnover, more stability, and fewer costs.

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