When it comes to employees using their work computers for personal matters, more and more employers are blocking social networking sites such as Facebook with the belief that employees are spending too much time on them to the detriment of their jobs.  Here are a few reasons why you should not be one of them:

Social networkers are more productive

Research has shown that contrary to popular opinion, people who use social networking sites are actually more productive, not less.  When allowed a 10-minute break online, workers have been shown to be more productive than those who spend their break away from their computers.

People want freedom

A recent survey conducted by a leading recruitment agency has shown that 38 per cent of today’s university graduates will not take a job where they are not able to enjoy social media freedom.

They will do it anyway

More and more people have smartphones, which allow people to access social media sites. So whether you block the sites on their computers or not, they will still be able to check on their phones.

Trust your employees

Blocking sites such as Facebook tells an employee that you do not trust them to do their job and manage their time effectively. This, in turn, creates resentment and that does not lead to productive employees.

Policies work better than bans

Put a social media policy in place and you will find employees respond in a positive manner.

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