Sales recruitment by direct-selling companies such as the Avon cosmetics brand is helping people who are struggling to find full-time employment keep some money coming in.

Companies like the international cosmetic brand have been steadily recruiting sales representatives across the UK, with many finding it a crucial source of income while they look for elusive permanent jobs.

One Avon representative, 20-year-old Lauren Moulsley, said throughout her time at college and subsequent period of unemployment, she has found the direct sales job to be both important and enjoyable. She eventually decided to go to university, and has kept on her Avon commitments to help with the costs involved.

“I’ve kept Avon up since I started at university and, especially in the run up to Christmas, the extra money came in really handy,” she explained. “I can fit my hours around my studying commitments, and it was great to have some cash to be able to afford more for my family and friends.”

The flexible nature of the sales job means that she can also fit in both her studying and her search for a permanent position, at the same time as adding a very respectable business sales line to her CV.

Geoff Newman, chief executive of online recruitment company Recruitment Genius suggests recruitment of independent sales representatives is a growing industry. “As the economy pulls out of the recession companies are increasingly hiring commission only sales people to reduce their risk and bring in sales.”

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