It may not be what many companies want to hear in the current economic climate but the fact is star employees are being headhunted more than ever.  With the rise of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, it has never been easier for employers and employees to get in touch with each other and the competition for the best candidates has never been fiercer.

It makes great sense to turn the employees you currently employ in to the stars of tomorrow by taking the time to nurture and educate them.  Time and money spent now will be repaid in the near future with better performance and increased loyalty.  That effort can also be put to training people who are currently unemployed despite the trend of preferring to hire someone already in a job and the bias that leads people away from those who are without employment.

Research has shown that in the face of what is now being called ‘social recruitment’ retention of staff is becoming an issue.  By doing whatever is possible to help foster loyalty a company can increase their chances of holding on to their star employees as well as developing a reputation as a company who is willing to help improve and develop their staff making them a more attractive option for other candidates who are perhaps looking for a job.

What it all comes down to is staff care and going that little bit further can make a very big difference.

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