When it comes to recruitment, there are more options today than there have ever been for finding the ideal candidate for your company.  Social media platforms have opened up digital recruiting and taken it to a new level, giving employers the chance to talk to potential employees and learn more about them that they could ever find out from a CV.

Taking the time to engage with people who follow you on Twitter or Facebook can open you up to a world of possibilities.  You get to see how a person engages in a non-professional setting as well as gain an understanding of how well they are able to not only sell themselves but how they present themselves to the world.  You will be able to gauge their ability to interact using modern technology as well as their preferred topics of conversations.  Using social media to talk with potential candidates can show you how much they know about a certain topic or, at the very least, demonstrate their research skills as they utilize the Internet to bring you responses.

Social media is more than just a social platform and the companies that are embracing the networks are the ones getting first pick on the available talent.  Social media can help you find people to fill your positions who might not necessarily have applied or simply allow you to gain a better understanding of what people think about your company and how you can improve your online image.

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