Recruitment professionals have always taken a keen interest in new technology, and there are several ways in which technology has helped to provide a world of opportunity. Overall costs have been lowered, productivity has been boosted, and efficiency has increased.

Many employers have directly benefited from searchable databases, which have traditionally provided better matches. It has also made it easier for hiring managers to contact the most likely candidates. Email has become essential to virtually every job search. Different candidate portals have come into use over the years, and the technology continues to improve.

One of the trends that many have seen in recent months is a shift towards the use of social media. To many human resources personnel, this is easy to see. When the interactions between people are improved, it makes for a much easier hiring process for everyone involved. It is certainly an all-round winning situation.

Another trend is a growing awareness of the relationship between the prospective employee and the company. In many cases, a job applicant is also a customer or client. Their perception of the company is being taken into consideration in a way that it never has been before. Job applicants who have had bad experiences during the hiring process also talk about them to others.

As various industries require more employees, the staffing industry will use more relationship-focused approaches to finding prospects. Nobody should underestimate the power of new technology. This will be a major force in the world of job seeking for years to come.

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