A leading authority on recruitment trends has said that companies that do not move their recruitment processes online will find themselves falling behind in business.

HR consultant, Paul Daley, said that applicants were no longer accustomed to printing out multiple copies of their CVs, and that any job that asked for paper copies risked alienating candidates. He added that companies that did not get online would find themselves, “thrashing around in the dark ages.”

“If you’re not recruiting online you’ll probably be out of business pretty quickly because I don’t know how you’ll find anyone, and if you’re not moving to using more forward-thinking online methods you’re going to go out of business in three years time,” he warned.

He said that applicants nowadays would all have the IT competence to file an application online, to the point that the traditional, paper-based recruitment process provided them with “such a poor experience”.

Mr Daley added that online social networking was fast usurping the time-intensive actual physical networking way of scoping out potential recruits. He explained that some companies were still getting out in the field to get a gauge on prospective employees, “but sooner or later they’re going to give up on the traditional methods or they’ll be left high and dry.”

Geoff Newman, CEO of online recruitment company Recruitment Genius supports Paul Daley’s call to move online. Mr Newman said “Strong evidence suggests that over 40 per cent of candidates will no longer use offline media to look for a job. Employers need to follow the job seekers online or not have a great response.”

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