A new report has shown that a vast number of businesses are not using their HR teams to the best of their ability, stymieing the performance of their company because the skills and expertise of staff are not being used effectively. The revelation could cause many business leaders to look at their teams in more depth, whilst also using recruitment agencies to find new HR staff.

The survey by Redshift Research found that 57% of HR professionals said that their skills were not being used. Instead of helping companies develop new objectives, professionals are being asked only to communicate new goals and procedures. Meanwhile, it was shown that just 25% of line managers, directors and business owners are consulting HR professionals when developing new business plans, with most firms effectively ignoring important staff resources and skills that they have within their company.

HR expert Marc Bishop said that it was extremely important for HR departments to be involved in business decisions. “The research highlights the endemic problems within modern corporate HR functions, which despite their best endeavours over the last decade or so, aren’t actually aligned with business when creating corporate strategy,” he explained.

With the report likely to turn a few executives’ heads, recruitment agencies could see renewed demand for HR professionals over the coming months. If companies pay notice to the findings, HR departments could become a vital component in the business decision-making process.

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