Limited awareness and restrictive corporate policies are the main barriers to greater adoption of recruitment portals such as online recruitment and social media, according to recruitment software specialist.

Writing for the Recruiter website, Matthew Parker said that while online recruitment was becoming an integral part of the recruitment process for a majority of companies, there were still a number of significant barriers that needed breaking down.

Mr Parker said that a survey of senior HR, recruitment and management professionals, had shown that 69 per cent of respondents had said that a basic unawareness of social media was the main roadblock. Some 28 per cent of respondents said that bureaucracy – and matters as basic as restricted access from their computer networks – were holding them back.

He said he could understand some trepidation about the matter, but said that it was crucial for this to be resolved.

“The risk of social media must be judged against the real benefits and return on investment it can deliver when implemented effectively,” he said. “Whether recruiters have an established approach for social media, or are on the verge of adopting the technology, identifying how it can meet the specific needs of the organisation is vital so that it can be built it into a broader strategy, rather than tacked on as a trendy afterthought.”

Recruitment expert Geoff Newman who works for online recruitment agency Recruitment Genius says agrees with Matthew Parker.

“Some companies are so concerned about social media they even block access to Facebook at work. Employees are intelligent. Give some guidelines then let them get on with it so the communication can become authentic.”

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