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British Employment To Benefit From Big Data Boost

It has been revealed that many of Britain’s skilled IT workers can expect a huge variety of new jobs stemming from the big data industry. Gartner revealed that over the next few years the industry’s labour force would grow to 4.4 million worldwide, with many people being able to take advantage of new employment opportunities.

Talking of the big data market, Gartner’s vice-president and head of global research, Peter Sondergaard, said that there was a rosy future ahead. Mr Sondergaard also had good news for IT specialists, saying that as the big data industry grows there would be a lack of skilled workers available for companies to utilise. This will mean that individuals with the right skills will become very valuable commodities, finding themselves in huge demand from international and market leading companies. “There is not enough talent in the industry,” Mr Sondergaard said, adding that data experts would be scarce so the few that were available would find themselves headhunted.

The employment trend noted by Gartner reveals an area that many IT specialists might like to explore. Gartner’s predictions were based on the three years to 2015, offering plenty of time for workers to begin gaining experience and skills in this niche. For those who take the initiative to start finding associated work now so that they can gain expertise in the big data market, the future could hold many of lucrative new opportunities to take advantage of.

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