As social media recruitment gathers more pace, and more and more companies decide to invest time and effort in to trying to extend their talent pool this way, it is important that a company is aware of its social media recruitment strategy and the reason it is in place.  Here is a short guide:


First a company needs to identify what exactly it is looking for, is it an individual or a collection.  Knowing what you are looking for makes it considerably easier to find it.


Give all the people who follow you a place where they can gather.  Include ‘like’ and ‘follow’ buttons.  Gathering potential targets in one place makes it easy to search through them when the time comes to hire.


Do not just passively engage in social media; engage and interact with people.  That way you will get a better idea of the type of people you are talking with.  Provide content that is informative and people will spread the word about your company, which will lead to an even larger talent pool from which to choose.


Take the time to build relationships with people via social media and you will reap the rewards of an enhanced image and a greater pool of people who see your company as a place they want to work.  Do not go for a hard sell but rather apply the personal touch for the best results.

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