In October 2011, there was a lot of concern from employment experts that the new Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) would actually negatively impact temporary workers. Introduced by the government to offer short-term workers the same employment rights as permanent staff for contracts of 12 weeks or more, there were concerns that employers would simply stop hiring; however, it has now been shown that the AWR have had minimal impact.

In the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC’s) latest JobsOutlook report, it was shown that 44% of employers do not think that the negative impacts from the AWR have been anywhere near as bad as predicted. Meanwhile, though 47% of respondents said that the AWR had formed some kind of impact, it had not changed the fundamental way in which they hired agency staff.

Talking of Britain’s ability to understand the essential role that temporary workers play in the labour work force, Roger Tweedy, the REC’s director of research, said: “This data reinforces the findings of research we conducted earlier in the year, so we can be confident that the impact of the regulations has been a lot less damaging than some people feared it would be.”

The latest news is very positive for people who are looking to get into agency work. Such positions can form a vital role in providing ongoing work and careers for those unable to gain permanent employment. With the AWR having little impact, recruitment agencies can be confident that short-term workers will be needed for many years to come.

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