Recruitment Genius, leading online recruitment specialist and exhibitor at Softworld 2010, believes that its successful yet cost effective approach to recruitment can help the UK get back on the right tracks again.

Whilst the jury is still out as to whether we are coming out of, or entering a second period of, recession the fact remains that very few businesses are immune to financial pressures brought about by the current economic climate. All areas of business, including recruitment, are seeing significant budget cuts and having to find more innovative ways of working; or are simply doing without. When you consider the average cost of filling a vacancy is £4138, rising to £10,000 for a senior management role, it is easy to understand why many organisations are incredibly apprehensive about recruiting and, in many cases, choosing not to bother.

However, online recruitment specialist, Recruitment Genius, is finding that its successfully, yet cost effective, offering which charges a flat fee of £199 is enabling companies to operate far more efficiently. They are essentially able to recruit valuable staff and build their business without a significant financial outlay. As a result of this offering many of Recruitment Genius’ customers are actively bucking the downtrend and recruiting staff at a rate which is above average. In fact Recruitment Genius is currently filling around 200 jobs per day for blue-chips companies including Tesco, Shell and Ford as well as smaller organisations.

The Recruitment Genius approach is also not just well suited to the current economic climate; it also matches today’s market. A recent survey conducted by Recruitment Genius found that for 61 per cent of the respondents agreed the internet was the preferred method of looking for work. This compared to 20 per cent who preferred to use a recruitment agency and just 6 per cent who visited the Job Centre.

The findings of the survey are supported by other industry statistics which estimate that over 90 per cent of candidates look online before considering any other methods and that 47 per cent of candidates never look in a newspaper.

With internet usage growing year on year this trend might come as no surprise to some yet despite the statistics some businesses still prefer the more traditional ‘read: old fashioned’ methods of recruitment. Common misconceptions are that online recruitment is not suitable for local recruitment or that you are likely to receive too many responses. However, if businesses select the right recruitment partner this isn’t the case. Recruitment Genius has filled many ‘local’ positions and its intelligent filtering methods ensure clients are not bombarded with CVs.

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